"Soooooooo many people are bisexual": Evan Rachel Wood wants to end anti-bi shame in the LGBT community and beyond

Evan Rachel Wood--26-year-old openly bisexual actress, singer, and mother--performed earlier this month at "An Evening with Women," an annual benefit for the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, which has launched the largest fundraising campaign in LGBT history.

Gay Star News has now published an interview with Evan from that evening, in which she discussed her commitment to advocating for the bisexual community, particularly kids and teens.

"I remember growing up not knowing it was a thing, feeling very confused, feeling very alone. So that is one of the reasons why I came out publicly, to help another struggling 12 year old who is terrified - just to let them know it's okay and that it is very real. Your trials and tribulations are just as real as anybody else's," she told the LGBT blog.

She credited these difficult experiences to a climate of exclusion from both straight people and the LGBT community. "I certainly felt shamed from both sides," she added. "There's this weird stigma about it and I'm hoping to kind of end that because soooooooo many people are bisexual."

Since coming out to the public in 2011, Evan has been credited for her patience and willingness to educate. When she married male actor Jamie Bell in 2012 (though couple announced today that they are separating), people began speculating that her bisexuality had only been a "phase" or was somehow invalidated. To counter this common stereotype against people who are bisexual and dating folks of the opposite sex, she took to Twitter:

This is just one example of how Evan has used social media in the past to raise awareness about bisexuality.

As part of the LA-based group's rennovation, the group is changing it's name to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, in order to better include the trans community and people, like Evan, who are bisexual. Check out part of her stellar musical performance at Center's fundraiser, as well as her thoughtful explanation as to why bisexuality is an identity, not a fad: