Snapshots: Two new television reports, Values Voter Summit, Derek Schell's coming out, and more

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GLAAD released its two annual television reports – the Network Responsibility Index (NRI) and the Where We Are on TV report.  These reports map the quantity, quality, and diversity of images of LGBT people on television. While the NRI looks backward at the previous season and rates networks on LGBT-inclusive content between June 2012 and May 2013, the Where We Are on TV report is a character count and analysis of scripted characters in the upcoming 2013-2014 season. GLAAD uses this yearly data to create a clearer picture of the stories and images being presented by television networks, and to encourage networks to include diverse LGBT representations within them.  Read more here.

Some of the most anti-LGBT voices appeared at the Values Voter Summit, an annual production of the Family Research Council. GLAAD created a handy guide to the media, calling on them to provide background and context on theanti-LGBT activists who will be given the stage. All week long, GLAAD continued to share which anti-LGBT activists will be speaking. The media should be asking why any Values Voter Summit speaker, including elected officials, is lending tacit, if not expressed, approval of all the extremist rhetoric of the anti-LGBT activists speaking at the event.  Read more here.

GLAAD offered support and assistance to Derek Schell when he came out as the first openly gay Division II Basketball player. Derek is a senior at Hillsdale College in Michigan. He wrote a first-person account for the LGBT blog for Outsports, in which he described his background in athletics and why he felt it was important to come out, even at a conservative school like Hillsdale.  Read more here.

GLAAD continues to work with LGBT Russians as the Russian government considers further laws to restrict the freedom of LGBT people living in Russia and in the lead up to the Winter Olympic Games at Sochi. Just last week, the US Olympic Committee added 'sexual orientation' to its non-discrimination policy. However, LGBT advocates continue to be harassed by police as they demonstrate.  Read more here.

GLAAD helped Betty Crocker roll out a new video featuring LGBT families as a part of the Betty Crocker Families Project, which features diverse families. The video interviews families participating in Pride events from last summer, talking about the love that binds them together.  Read more here.

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