Snapshots: trans theology professor, adoption advocacy, diversity in the media, and more

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GLAAD is calling on LGBT allies to support H. Adam Ackley, a theology professor at Azusa Pacific University who was asked to resign after coming out as transgender. We are promoting a petition that calls on Azusa Pacific to protect transgender students and faculty, and tweeting #westandwithadam. Read more here.


GLAAD brought the story of proud dad and LGBT adoption advocate, Bryant Huddleston, to Take Part. Bryant commented on the Nebraska law that is preventing LGBT parents from adopting in the state. The story highlights the legal challenges that are faced by parents who are LGBT. Read more here.


GLAAD is bringing attention to Frank Schubert and NOM's shifting focus to attack protections on transgender students in California. Schubert attacks the legitimacy of gender identity, and resorting to the same fear-mongering tactics often used in anti-transgender campaigns. GLAAD has tracked NOM's problematic behavior and strategies, which you can learn more about through our Commentator Accountability Project. Read more here.



GLAAD worked with Project Runway designer Justin LeBlanc to tell his story to The Advocate as a gay man who is making strides for representations of people with disabilities on television. Since 2009, GLAAD has been working with SAG-AFTRA to track the percentage of characters with disabilities and LGBT people with disabilities on network television.  The Advocate's article highlights some of the storylines brought forward by those characters and people with disabilities that continue to showcase the diversity of the LGBT community.

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