Snapshots of our work: Latino/a Queer Film, Pro-LGBT Muslim Orgs, and promoting ENDA coverage

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GLAAD staff attended a launch event in Los Angeles for the first annual Latino/a Queer Film Festival (LQFF) on Sunday, July 21 in Los Angeles, CA. The showcase featured films by and about LGBT Latinos that reflect the struggles, lives, and achievements of their community. GLAAD National Spokesperson Wilson Cruz gave opening remarks for the event, highlighting the importance of the Latina/o community festivals, GLAAD's ongoing relevance in the lives of LGBT people and the important work that still needs to be done for LGBT equality. GLAAD served as an community sponsor for the event.

GLAAD's Spanish-Language Media Strategist, Brian Pacheco, was interviewed on "Variedades con Sandra," a Spanish-language talk show on a local station that serves the Los Angeles area's Central American immigrant population. On the program, he discussed GLAAD's work with the Latino community, the importance of educating families about accepting their LGBT family members, and anti-LGBT discrimination.  

GLAAD hosted a strategic conversation between Southern California faith leaders and Roger Ross Williams, the filmmaker behind God Loves Uganda. The conversation focused on keeping a US audience informed and engaged around the export of homophobia overseas, as well as mobilizing pro-LGBT people of faith to spread a message of love and acceptance of LGBT people, not only in the United States, but in countries where LGBT people face harsh laws. The conversation occurred while God Loves Uganda is playing at Outfest in Los Angeles.

During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, GLAAD highlighted a KPBS story that profiled two LGBT Muslims. GLAAD used the opportunity to remind people of pro-LGBT Muslim individuals and organizations, who are also observing Ramadan right now.

Over the weekend, GLAAD's Director of News, Ross Murray, presented a media training at a support group conference for people with AIS (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) and other DSDs (Disorders of Sex Development), commonly known as intersex. The training focused on helping individuals tell their story, both to advocate to the medical community and to promote understanding in the general public.

GLAAD is working to promote an ongoing series in the Jewish Daily Forward, a Jewish daily newspaper available online, about transgender issues in Judaism. The first installment of the series features six transgender rabbis and rabbis-in-training, as well as a larger discussion about the views on transgender people held by the larger Conservative Jewish movement.

GLAAD is working with Media Matters to promote fair and accurate reporting on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). We are addressing false claims from anti-gay activists and encouraging the media to do the same. At the same time, we are calling for increased coverage of ENDA in news coverage.

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