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Following the Supreme Court's historic rulings on Prop 8 and DOMA, the media has recently taken time to highlight the stories of legally married gay and lesbian couples. "GLAAD assisted ABC news in talking to couples Kristin and Sarah Kate Ellis-Henderson and Jay Michaelson and Paul Dakin about how marriage equality has been challenging traditional gender roles in marriage. 

When right-wing pundits attempted to pit African-American commentator Cornel West against the LGBT community, GLAAD called them out. Rush Limbaugh and others pulled 44 seconds of a larger speech that expressed anger over the Voting Rights Act as being ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court as an attempt to say that West was angry at LGBT people. In fact, West expressed solidarity with the marriage equality rulings that came out one day later. GLAAD also continues to speak out for the right to vote for all US citizens.

The new Showtime series "Ray Donovan" premiered on June 30th, and unfortunately began with several scenes exploiting transgender people for "shock value" and a cheap laugh, which has become something of a pattern on the network.  GLAAD responded with a blog about the depiction, and is discussing possible meeting dates with Showtime executives in the next month to raise the bar for transgender images on the network following a similar and very successful meeting with sister company CBS last month.

GLAAD's Spanish-language media team worked to elevate the story of San Francisco Bay Area gay binational couple, Brian Willingham and Alfonso Garcia. Their story, featured on NBC Latino, reflects the concrete harms that federal laws like DOMA and the nation's immigration system has on real people's lives—both LGBT and straight. 

Television and internet personality B. Scott spoke out after allegedly being asked by a producer to change his outfit upon arrival at the BET Awards pre-show which he was supposed to host. Scott's attires often do not conform to expected gender norms. GLAAD's Entertainment Media team spoke with Scott who released an open letter to the network on his website. GLAAD also reached out to BET and the network issued a statement in support of all gender expressions.

GLAAD's Entertainment Media team consulted on the script for the Disney Channel's episode of Good Luck Charlie in which a character's two moms are introduced. The episode marks the first time the Disney Channel will feature an LGBT character in one of its original programs.

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