Snapshots of our work: Anti-LGBT violence, Uganda vs. Scott Lively, and CAP's newest member Randy Thomasson

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Following the latest anti-LGBT attack in New York City, GLAAD worked with the Anti-Violence Project, and Council Speaker Christine Quinn's office to bring media attention to the plague of anti-LGBT violence. GLAAD has been working throughout 2013 with the Anti-Violence Project to bring attention to these attacks. Read more.

After a CNN interview in which California-based anti-LGBT activist, Randy Thomasson attacked transgender students, called them "sexually confused" and referred to a transgender man as his "bearded opponent." Before this interview, Thomasson was a low-level activist, whose extreme language didn't get picked up by national outlets, but now GLAAD has added him to the Commentator Accountability Project. GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project (CAP) aims to put critical information about frequent anti-gay interviewees into the hands of newsrooms, editors, hosts, reporters, and audiences to help them get a better idea of the misinformation spread by anti-gay activists. Now that California passed the transgender student protection bill, his profile is being raised and his words need to be put into context. Read more.

A US district judge has allowed the historic case of Sexual Minorities Uganda vs. Scott Lively to proceed. GLAAD has been working with the Center for Constitutional Rights to bring media attention to the case. Scott Lively is accused of stirring up anti-LGBT sentiment in Uganda (and around the world) to the point of putting LGBT people's lives in critical danger. Read more.

GLAAD spoke with Kelly Brady, one of the five stars of the Style Network's City Girl Diaries, about being raised by two moms and a stepmom in California. Kelly told GLAAD that she "woud not change a single thing about my childhood." She shared her journey as a child of an LGBT family and expressed support for other children of LGBT families. She says that "children of gay families are special." Read more.

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