Snapshots of our Work

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When posted a biased piece entitled "When Christians become a 'hated minority'" that gave platform for anti-gay activists like Peter Sprigg, GLAAD jumped into action by contacting the reporter with information from the Commentator Accountability Project, and letting him know that he cannot let anti-gay falsehoods stand unchallenged. GLAAD also placed an op-ed by a gay Christian leader on to promote the notion that LGBT equality and faith can and do co-exist. Read more.


When a series of violent anti-LGBT attacks occurred in New York City, GLAAD worked with the Anti-Violence Project to bring attention to the attacks, as well as provided resources to media about the attacks. GLAAD was on the ground, helping distribute fliers that bring attention and awareness to anti-LGBT violence. Read more.

GLAAD worked with Methodists In New Directions to tell the story of Rev. Dr. Thomas Ogletree, a United Methodist minister and scholar, who is being put on trial for officiating at the wedding of his gay son. The New York Times ran an lengthy story about Dr. Ogletree and the Washington Post printed a first-person account about why he felt called to break the unjust rules. We will continue working with United Methodists who advocate for full inclusion. Read more.

GLAAD supported Nicholas Coppola, Joseph Amodeo, and others, as they were threatened with arrest for attempting to enter St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City with dirty hands. The "dirty hands" vigil was in reaction to Cardinal Timothy Dolan's blog post that stated that LGBT people needed to "wash their hands" of gayness before they could enter the church. Read more. 

GLAAD wrote an op-ed calling out the way that scapegoating has been used against the LGBT community much the same way it is now used against Latinos. The piece also pointed out that unity between the LGBT and Latino communities has led to many gains, electoral and otherwise, and reminded readers not to buy into an LGBT vs. Latino frame that opponents of immigration reform have tried to put forward. Read more.

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