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Shining light on NOM’s divisive tactics
After the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) was exposed earlier this year as trying to “drive a wedge” between gay people and minority groups, GLAAD worked to shine light on other desperate tactics employed by the anti-gay group – namely, its search for “non-cognitive elites” to represent the organization and speak out against marriage equality. This week, GLAAD highlighted NOM’s latest “non-cognitive” spokesperson, former child star Kirk Cameron, who’s on record as stating that gay people are “destructive” to the “foundations of civilization.” Read more.

Increasing awareness of anti-bullying protections
GLAAD worked with Orange County-based group Youth Empowered to Act (YETA) to highlight and increase awareness about new anti-bullying protections afforded by Seth’s Law, which requires school officials to respond to reports of bullying in a more timely manner. GLAAD worked with The Huffington Post to feature the stories of YETA members, who explain why this law is important to them and the harmful effects of anti-LGBT bullying. Read more.

Highlighting the growing support for equality among advertisers
GLAAD worked with The Wall Street Journal to highlight the growing number of LGBT-inclusive ads from such companies as J.C. Penney, as well as growing support for equality among consumers. GLAAD supplied the Journal with spokespeople, as well as key points and data for a feature article in the paper. Read more.

Elevating LGBT-affirming voices of faith
GLAAD worked with former Mormon Bishop Kevin Kloosterman to pen and place an op-ed in The Advocate describing his journey to full acceptance of LGBT people. Kloosterman stresses the impact of the media in helping others come to support equality for all. Read the op-ed here.

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