Snapshots: Our Only Wish campaign, Bob Newhart's gig with Legatus, LGBT and immigrant communities, and more

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Inspired by the JC Penney dads Cooper and Todd Koch's recent mail to Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), GLAAD has called on LGBT families across the country to participate in "Our #OnlyWish," a campaign that encourages advocates and allies to send their holiday cards to governors of states that do not recognize marriage equality. The season's greetings are meant to put faces and names to the discriminatory policies that exist throughout the country by introducing politicians to the families experiencing discrimination. You can learn more about Our #OnlyWish and how to contact your governor here and here. Coverage of the campaign has been extensive, from a range of outlets including Joe My God, Towleroad, Passport, The Huffington Post, Instinct, and Philly Mag.

GLAAD called on beloved comedian Bob Newhart to take a closer look at his upcoming gig with the conservative Catholic organization, Legatus, and their extreme anti-LGBT agenda. When Kirk Cameron went on record with his anti-LGBT views, the entertainment industry spoke out strongly. We don't want to see another 80s icon go down the same path. Read more here.

As part of the Promoting Tolerance U.S. tour organized by AJC, GLAAD's Director of Spanish-Language Media Monica Trasandes was invited to speak about LGBT media advocacy in the United States with over 20 advocates from Eastern Europe, sharing with them an overview of the strategies GLAAD has developed over the years for successful media advocacy.

La Raza, a Chicago ImpreMedia news site printed an op-ed by GLAAD Acting President Dave Montez. In "When Love Prevails - Latino Families at the Center of Immigrant and LGBT Rights," Dave writes about growing Latino acceptance people and issues, and more. Please click here to read the piece in Spanish. You can read the op-ed in English here.

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