Snapshots: LGBT parents, screening MTV's "Faking It," awarding an International Advocate for Change, and more

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GLAAD's Spanish-Language Media director Monica Trasandes was recently a guest on the Univision América Radio show Zona Política. The long segment focused on parenting issues as well as discrimination and on the resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich after it was disclosed Eich had made a donation to proponents of California's anti-gay Proposition 8. It became a spirited discussion of the way denying marriage equality hurts LGBT people—far from simply signifying support for traditional marriage, as anti-equality proponents frame the issue. The shows is hosted by respected political analyst Helen Aguirre Ferré and is heard nationally in major markets from Florida to Texas to California.

GLAAD National Spokesperson Wilson Cruz this week hosted a screening and Q&A panel for the upcoming MTV comedy Faking It with the show's executive producer Carter Covington and cast members Michael Willett (G.B.F.), Rita Volk and Katie Stevens. Faking It follows high school best friends who are mistaken for a lesbian couple and decide to go it when they see the positive attention it brings to them at school, but one of the girls may find she has real feelings for her friend. The series premieres on MTV Tuesday, April 22 at 10:30pm. Read more here.

Actress and entertainment correspondent, Maria Menounos presented GLAAD's inaugural International Advocate for Change Award to Manny de Guerre, director of the Side by Side LGBT Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia at the  25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards held in Los Angeles on April 12. GLAAD will continue working with the Side by Side LGBT Film Festival, offering support and resources to make the event as safe, meaningful, and positive as possible. Read more here.

GLAAD was at the event "Widening our Lens: A Look at International LGBT Issues." The in-depth discussion shed light on the headline-grabbing stories as well as lesser-known places around the globe where LGBT people face grave danger on a daily basis. The event was sponsored by the Horizons Foundation and the Bar Association of San Francisco's LGBT Equality Committee & International Human Rights Section.


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