Snapshots: Google+ Hangout on Utah, interview with The Carrie Diaries' Amy Harris, GLAAD on CNN en Español, and more

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With the twists and turns for marriage equality in Utah, GLAAD hosted a Google+ Hangout to discuss the legal saga and implications of marriage equality in the state. The panel featured one of the first couples married in Utah, whose Twitter stream documented the unfolding events on December 20. Also featured were Chris Geidner of Buzzfeed, Evan Wolfson of Freedom to Marry, and Spencer Clark of Mormons for Equality. You can watch the discussion here.

GLAAD spoke with The Carrie Diaries Executive Producer Amy B. Harris about the series' AIDS storyline. In the interview, Harris talked about the importance of addressing such a pivotal moment for the LGBT community and the impact it would have had on the show's gay characters. Harris also touched on the opportunity the series has in telling that story to an audience that may not have been around during the height of the AIDS crisis. You can read the interview here.

File MonicaRussiashort.mp4GLAAD's Director of Spanish-Language Media Monica Trasandes was a guest twice in recent weeks on "Realidades en Contexto," on CNN en Español. She was asked to discuss the openly gay athletes traveling to Sochi, Russia. Monica talked about the need to continue calling attention to the experiences of LGBT people in Russia, which GLAAD will be doing.

File UgandaHumanrights.mp4Monica was also asked to be a guest on a show about the recent passage of Uganda's anti-gay laws which could sentence a gay person to up to life in prison and punishes those who do not "inform" on LGBT people in their surroundings. Hosted by Mercedes Soler, the show airs on CNN en Español daily at 12 EST and is seen in the United States and in Latin America.

Just before the January 1 date for the Boy Scouts to adopt its new policy on openly gay Scouts, GLAAD's Monica Trasandes was interviewed on the San Francisco Bay Area Spanish-language radio show "Hecho en California," on KIQI AM 1010. After the interview, callers were asked to share their opinions, which made for a lively discussion on some of the prejudices and stereotypes that often taint non-LGBT people's perceptions.

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