Snapshots: Faith leaders for non-discrimination, ENDA, and Jersey Strong

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This week GLAAD's Acting President, Dave Montez, joined a panel organized by Freedom to Work to discuss the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). The panel was moderated by New York Law School professor and Towleroad legal editor Ari Ezra Waldman and included Tico Almeida, President of Freedom to Work; Brad Sears, Executive Director of the Williams Institute at UCLA Law; Melissa Sklarz, Executive Director of Stonewall Democrats; Gregory T. Angelo, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans; and Kim Taylor, the first African American female named to the Log Cabin Board of Directors. The event consisted of a bi-partisan discussion of the path to victory for ENDA. Read more.

GLAAD worked this week to promote the work of ReconcilingWorks, a Lutheran group whose goal is to promote the inclusion of LGBT people in the life of the church. ReconcilingWorks is holding an event, titled FaithsCalling, to urge people of faith to call their senators on September 17th and tell them to end workplace discrimination by voting 'Yes' on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). GLAAD has promoted the event online and spoke to Tim Fisher, one of the organizers of the event, who stated "As a person of faith, I believe that all hardworking people, including transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual people, should have a fair chance to earn a living and provide for themselves and their families. Nobody should have to live in fear that they can be legally fired for reasons that have nothing to do with their job performance." Read more.

GLAAD spoke with Brooke Barnett and Maggie Voelkel, stars of the new Pivot TV docu-series Jersey Strong about the intersecting lives of two families living in Newark. Brooke is a criminal defense attorney who runs her own law firm with the help of her fiancé Maggie who oversees the office. The couple struggles to balance work life with home life and their two college-age children. Before the show's premiere, GLAAD spoke with Brooke and Maggie about living together and working together and why it is important to tell the stories of families like theirs. Read more.

This week, in observance of National Suicide Prevention Day, GLAAD worked with The Trevor Project, which organized a series of events to help spread awareness and understanding of LGBT youth and their struggles. GLAAD helped to promote their events, which included a series of Google+ Hangouts title #HopeIsAlive and a Twitter chat using the haghtag #TalktoMe. To learn more about The Trevor Project's work in suicide prevention please visit their TrevorTalkToMe page at Read more.

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