Snapshots: ENDA, protecting trans youth, CNN En Espanol, Pride House at the Olympics

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As the Employment Non-Discrimination Act advances in the Senate, GLAAD is making sure the media reports on the legislation accurately. The big news is that ENDA has enough votes to pass in the Senate. All Democratic sentators has stated their support, as well as a few key Republican senators. GLAAD continues to counter false and misleading claims about ENDA in the mainstream media. Visit for more information.

Anti-transgender activists have been fabricating stories of transgender students harassing others in school bathrooms. GLAAD is amplifying the great work the TransAdvocate has been doing to debunk these false stories. As the new California law protecting transgender students is being attacked, we can expect to see more false stories circulated. Read more here.

GLAAD is calling on the US Olympic Committee to host a Pride House event during the Winter Olympic Games at Sochi. Since the Pride House application was rejected by Russian authorities, GLAAD has joined other organizations asking national Olympic committees to host various events throughout the games, providing a space for LGBT athletes and fans. Read more here.

GLAAD is working this week on a segment that airs tonight on "Cala" on CNN En Español on marriage equality. If you speak Spanish, tune in and text the show's host Ismael Cala.  We are also working with Noticiero Univision on a segment about LGBT immigrants and the devastating effect that a lack of immigration reform can have on their lives.

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