Snapshots: Calling Bill Donahue's bluff, international efforts to stop anti-LGBT US activists, and more

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When anti-LGBT activist Bill Donohue announced his intention to participate in the NYC Pride March, GLAAD was there, inviting him to march right alongside of GLAAD President & CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis. Donohue planned to carry a banner, presumably by himself, that read "Straight is Great" and continued to state that the LGBT community would be offended by the text, but no one was. Eventually Donohue found the requirement of attending a safety and information session too taxing and has pulled himself out of the parade. It seems he didn't believe that strongly in his message. Read more here.

GLAAD matched Jake Eleazer, an openly transgender soldier with Vocativ magazine, who gave a glimpse of what life is like for the active duty servicemember. When comments began attacking Eleazer, Vocativ ran a second op-ed calling for listening and understanding. Read more here.

Marcel Neergaard, GLAAD's 2013 Spirit Day Ambassador, took time out of lobbying for an anti-bullying law in Tennessee to talk to Fusion TV about his advocacy and why preventing bullying for LGBT students is so important to him. To hear Marcel's interview, take a listen right here. Read more here.

The Spanish-language media team is deepening its work internationally in response to the increased exportation of outdated ideas and views by U.S. anti-LGBT activists to Peru, Mexico, and other countries.  In Peru, some members of the government invited anti-LGBT advocate Michael Brown to talk with legislators as a follow up to last year's visit by anti-gay advocate Matthew Staver. GLAAD spread the word about Brown and Staver's views to advocates there and they shared with GLAAD how their local right-wing leaders are working hand in hand with U.S. anti-gay advocates.  GLAAD will continue working closely to stop the export of hate and anti-LGBT bigotry.

In Guadalajara Mexico, Richard Cohen, anti-gay "conversion therapy" activist recently held a conference promising to help LGBT people cure themselves of their attractions. We are strategizing with Mexican advocates about doing media work that makes clear these ideas have been thoroughly discredited and are harmful.

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