Snapshots: Boy Scouts of America, Robin Roberts, LGBT Vietnamese-Americans included in parade, and more

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Since 2012, GLAAD has been leading the national campaign to bring equality to the Boy Scouts of America. The first day of the new year brought a major stride towards that goal when BSA put into effect the policy that allows openly gay youth to participate in the organization. Read more here.

The Tet Parade has voted to allow Viet Rainbow of Orange County to participate in the parade, although they also created a "code of conduct" that will limit the visibility of VROC. GLAAD had alereted Los Angeles-based media about the LGBT Vietnamese-American group's struggle to be included in the cultural celebration, and GLAAD will continue working with VROC to raise the visibility of the organization and LGBT Asians for inclusion. Read more here.

Following Good Morning America host Robin Roberts’ first public acknowledgment of her longtime girlfriend, GLAAD highlighted the impact of her announcement, specifically noting the lack of LGBT women of color on TV. GLAAD also made note of the lack of employment protections for LGBT people on both ET and CNN, reaching mainstream audiences with critical information about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Read more here.

Ross Murray, GLAAD's Director of News, spoke with NPR last week about equality for the trans community by discussing topics such as healthcare, trans characters in the media, youth who identify as trans, and more. You can read and listen to the full story here

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