Singer Maren Morris Talks Defending Trans Youth, Creating "You Have A Seat At This Table" Shirt To Celebrate #SpiritDay

Maren Morris has stepped up when it comes to being an LGBTQ ally. The singer-songwriter recently chatted with GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos about being an ally and how she not only talked the talk she walked the walk when it came to genuine support.

“I had friends in high school, I did a lot of community and musical theater growing up and so, it was just always very normal, to have gay people around,” Morris tells Ramos about her support for the LGBTQ community. “My mom was really close to her uncle growing up, who sadly died in the early ‘90s, of AIDS and so, it was just always a conversation in our household that we're all the same and there is no ‘us and you.’"

She continued, “I think that being instilled in me from such an early age, particularly growing up in the south was really important and I didn't realize how important it actually was until I got into my 20s and kind of solidified my adulthood and started working in country music.”

Morris recently defended the trans community on social media saying that it is important to let people know where you stand on important subjects because those people want to come to her show and feel safe.

“I think the empathy bone you get when you become a parent just is amplified so much more and I think that you're even more sensitive to disinformation and bullying,” Morris added. “I think that was a really prevalent thing over the last few weeks for me even to do deeper research on because sadly there are a lot of people that believe things that are just completely untrue about trans youth and gender affirming care and what it actually entails.”

Morris not only gave words of support but she also raised more than $150,000 with her “Country Music Lunatic Person” T shirt inspired by her recent comments and media attention. The funds went to support GLAAD’s Transgender Media Program and Trans LifeLine.

She said that it’s silly to be called “lunatic” for standing up for kids so she turned it into a positive. At first she didn’t think anyone would buy it but then when they said they’d be giving all the proceeds to charity, [it] just changed the stakes.

“After the weekend of it being live on my merch shop it raised $150,000 and that's actually putting your money where your mouth is!” said Morris. “It’s for a good cause, it raises awareness, and it’s funny as fuck!”

Morris's T shirt design advocacy doesn't stop there. For GLAAD's annual #SpiritDay on October 20, she launched a new shirt that reads “You Have A Seat at This Table". 100% of the proceeds will go to GLAAD’s work to support LGBTQ youth.

Morris is also working with Fandiem on a special sweepstakes supporting GLAAD to give her fans a chance to win 2 VIP tickets to her Humble Quest show in Nashville with an exclusive virtual meet-up with the singer.  Click here for more details.

During this year’s #SpiritDay on October 20, participants are encouraged to wear purple (the color that symbolizes spirit on the rainbow flag) or go purple online in a united stand against bullying and show of support for LGBTQ youth. Since the inaugural Spirit Day in 2010, GLAAD organizes hundreds of celebrities, media outlets, brands, landmarks, sports leagues, tech leaders, influencers, faith groups, school districts, organizations, colleges and universities in what has become the most visible anti-LGBTQ bullying campaign and united show of support for LGBTQ youth.