Shifting Catholic opinions, overwhelming UCC support, and religious responses to the SCOTUS decisions - this week's Religion News Summary

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LGBT and allied leaders showed an outpouring of joy and relief with the most recent SCOTUS decisions on marriage equality. Though there were mixed reactions from varying faith leaders, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Many LGBT organizations, including GLAAD, expressed strong disagreement with SCOTUS’s decision on the Voting Rights Act.

Check out GLAAD’s response to the landmark SCOTUS decisions

A recent study showed that the views Catholics hold about gay people have dramatically shifted in the past 10 years. Additionally, the Ecumenical Catholic Communion chose to vocally support the DOMA and Prop 8 SCOTUS decisions. Despite the more strong LGBT support among Church people, Catholics like Justice Scalia’s son still seem to think that being gay isn’t even a thing.

GLAAD’s comments on the SCOTUS Voting Rights Act decision

The United Church of Christ met in its General Synod and focused a lot of its attention on responding to the SCOTUS decisions this week, as well as hosting a gay UCC pastor’s wedding, and focusing on the dangers of the evangelical missionary movement in Africa with the film God Loves Uganda. GLAAD also spoke out for Justice for Trayvon Martin. 

Read GLAAD's statement on the Trayvon Martin verdict.

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