Shea Diamond's "I Am Her" is the trans power anthem everyone needs to hear

Talented singer-songwriter Shea Diamond released her debut single "I Am Her" today. Check out the gorgeous video here, featuring many folks from the NYC trans community. Diamond was discovered earlier this year by Justin Tranter, the songwriter and producer behind some of the world's biggest pop hits, including the GLAAD and Intercope Records' single "Hands," a musical tribute to the victims of Orlando.

Shea Diamond was born in Arkansas, raised in Tennessee, and eventually landed in Michigan. Diamond knew she was different at a young age, but she felt she wouldn't be accepted in her home or her community. No longer willing to hide who she was, Diamond ran away from home at 14 years old, becoming a temporary ward of the state. Shuffled from foster home to foster home, she was finally emancipated at age 17. As a homeless youth, struggling to survive, she committed a crime and was sentenced to 10 years in a men's prison -- a dangerous practice that puts incarcerated trans women at real risk for emotional and physical violence. 

However, while incarcerated, Diamond did meet like-minded women of trans experience who shared their stories with her. In getting to know these women, Diamond discovered her own trans identity and the power of her voice. She says, "I was locked up but my mind was free!"

Diamond began writing "I Am Her" in prison as a statement to the world on behalf of anyone who has ever felt shunned for being who they are. Shortly after her release from prison in 2009, she moved to New York City to pursue her dreams of making music.

With a bluesy sound and Diamond's soulful, unapologetic voice that echoes her experience, "I Am Her" is the power anthem we all need.

When Tranter's friend sent him a video of Diamond performing at a Black Trans Lives Matter event, he was immediately taken by Diamond's voice and presence. Tranter says of Diamond, "It's been a long time since I've come across an artist with such a real story who is actually putting that story in their music, and Miss Diamond does that with every note she sings."

In Diamond's words, "No matter how the world treats me, no matter if I'm rejected, accepted, denied, or misunderstood, I will continue to live out my truth as Shea Diamond! It was in losing the world that I found myself and the will to keep living as the woman I am proud to be." A message that deserves widespread deliverance. 

Download the song on iTunes and listen on Spotify now.