Sharing your story works: Scots support their trans and nonbinary fellow citizens

A vast majority of Scottish people support the right of gender self-determination for their fellow citizens, including transgender people. The survey is one step in the Scottish government’s proposed legislation to allow people to legally self-determine their gender.

GLAAD’s Nick Adams, Director of Transgender Media & Representation, said, “Scotland is leading the way in acceptance for transgender people. Last year, GLAAD worked with the organization Scottish Trans to train over 50 transgender Scots. They are sharing their stories with friends and family who want to see legal recognition and support. We look forward to what our training alumni can accomplish in Scotland and beyond.”

The full consultation results published on Friday (November 23) show that 60 percent of people back “a self-declaratory system for legal gender recognition” that would eliminate requirements for transgender people to obtain medical evidence, according to Pink News.

Additionally, 61% of respondents supported the proposal for this legislation to be applied to those 16 and up. Also of note, 62% of respondents support governmental action to legally recognize non-binary people.

In March 2017, the GLAAD Media Institute partnered with Scottish Trans Alliance to provide media and messaging training for transgender Scots in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, and Inverness. These trainings were in anticipation for the proposed policy changes, and helped to prepare transgender Scots to share their story with family, friends, and the media.

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