See GLAAD's LGBT Media Resources For Valentines Day And Share Your Story

Every year around February 14, media attention focuses on people across the nation who will take time to celebrate their relationships in honor of Valentine's Day, and this year GLAAD has created a Valentine's Day Media Resource Kit to help journalists and bloggers ensure that the loving and committed relationships of LGBT people are included.

GLAAD is also inviting LGBT couples to share their stories with us. You can tell us how you met, what issues you have faced because of inequality, and what your plans are for Valentine's Day. 

Did Facebook play a role in bringing you and your partner together? They want to hear your story. Tell there here

Too often LGBT couples are excluded from Valentine's Day media coverage, and even fewer stories feature LGBT couples of color and and couples with bisexual or transgender members. The Valentine's Day Media Resource Kit will help media outlets incorporate fair, accurate and inclusive representations of LGBT relationships in stories of love. In the kit, you will find:

  • General information and advice for LGBT-inclusive coverage on Valentine's Day
  • Tips on appropriate language when referring to LGBT couples 
  • Data on diversity, including U.S. Census information on the LGBT couples of color. 
  • Specific points to remember when featuring couples with bisexual or transgender members. 
  • A list of possible story themes, such as couples looking back at how they met, dating trends, or anniversaries of marriage equality.
  • Resources for further information and outreach to LGBT couples.

Please visit GLAAD's Valentine's Day Resource Kit for further detail on these topics and more, and refer to the GLAAD Media Reference Guide for general information on covering LGBT issues.