Searching for love: Google celebrates Valentine's Day with inclusive Doodle

If you're looking for some warm feelings this Valentine's Day, Google will have the results you need.

The search engine giant is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a heartwarming and inclusive Google Doodle. Six candy hearts take the iconic spot on Google’s homepage and each heart, when clicked, offers a unique first-person love story complete with adorable animation. 

Ira Glass of NPR’s This American Life - a popular podcast which the doodle mirrors in style - introduces the interactive doodle like this : “For Valentine’s Day, as people everywhere search for love, something a search engine might not be the ideal tool for, each of these candy hearts tell a true story of love. These are real people.”

The heart titled 4EVER YOURS tells a story of a gay couple that is so moving even Glass offers a cautionary note to listeners at the tale's start. I won't ruin it for you here, but I will suggest you have a box of tissues near.