Search Continues for Missing VA Teen Sage Smith

Sage Smith, a transgender 19 year-old girl from Charlottesville, VA, was last heard from just over two weeks ago, on November 20. Local police are asking for help locating the last person who had contact with Smith, a 21 year-old named Erik Tyquan McFadden, who they believe has left Charlottesville after an initial police interview following the disappearance. On the day Smith is believed to have gone missing, the pair was allegedly supposed to meet at the city’s Amtrak station, but McFadden told police she never arrived. Smith’s father told the Huffington Post that the two were supposed to go on a date that night.

Although McFadden (photo below) has not been named as a suspect or person of interest in the disappearance, police still have questions for him, further complicated by the fact that they now believe he has fled the Charlottesville area.

Kenneth Jackson, a cousin of Smith, expressed outrage at the city’s response to the disappearance. “The police department has not done what it’s supposed to do to find our child,” he said to Police Chief Timothy J. Longo, adding that the FBI and state resources should be utilized in the search.

In the two weeks since the disappearance, numerous vigils have been held, search parties have combed the area where Smith was last seen, and a public Facebook page has been created to raise the visibility of the case and search for clues.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of either Sage Smith or Erik McFadden, police encourage you to call the Charlottesville Crime Stoppers hotline at 434-977-4000.