Russian vigilantes and police disrupt showing of LGBT Documentary

On April 24th Russian Police interrupted a screening of Children 404, a documentary about an online support group dedicated towards LGBT Russians. The site published over a thousand of letters from teenagers who shared their stories. In the letters many discuss discrimination and other issues they face. The site served as a great way for LGBT youth to hear the stories of peers who also face challenges. 

According to Queer Russia:

A policeman blocked the exit, as vigilantes with St. George ribbons and posters saying “Western depravity won’t pass ” were checking IDs and seeking minors among the spectators.

There were about ten people in the vigilantes group. Closer to 9pm to help them came more policemen armed with machine guns. About 200 people came to the premiere, and no one was let out… Those who presented their IDs, were let out, and people tried to go in groups, fearing an attack.

This was not the first time that police targeted the founder of the website. As we reported earlier, Lena Klimova faced charges for spreading the LGBT propaganda. The case was later dismissed.