Posts by Ross Murray, Senior Director, GLAAD Media Institute

Joy Behar Show Highlights Acceptance of LGBT People and Christianity

CNN’s Don Lemon, guest hosting for the Joy Behar Show, followed up his inspiring conversation with a transgender panel by exploring Christianity’s view of being gay.Read More

GLAAD Moves Sojourners Magazine into Fuller Conversation About LGBT Issues

Sojourners is a popular progressive Christian magazine and web site designed to focus on social justice issues.Read More

GLAAD Asks Media to Show the Breadth of Religious Attitudes Concerning LGBT People

On June 25, stories about the historic passage of marriage equality in New York State were all over the media. As the GLAAD staff read through the stories, we noticed a disturbing trend.Read More

Marriage Equality at the Stonewall Inn

The following is a reflection from Ross Murray, Director of Religion, Faith and Values at GLAAD: Read More

More Clergy Speak Out in Support of LGBT People - Everywhere!

Following the pledges of many United Methodist clergy to perform marriages for all couples in Minnesota and Read More
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