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Global Organizations are Turning the World Purple for #SpiritDay

Spirit Day purple is spreading around the globe. What began as an action by a single Canadian teenager, Brittany McMillan, has expanded into a global phenomenon with organizations and influencers around the world posting for Spirit Day.

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George Takei tells the story of GLAAD Media Institute alumni giving "Free Mom Hugs"

GLAAD Media Award honoree George Takei shared the story of GLAAD Media Institute alumni Sara and Parker Cunningham for their work through Free Mom Hugs, provding parental support to those whose parents have rejected them.

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Everyday people are spreading the purple for #SpiritDay

Spirit Day wouldn’t be possible with every single one of us participating, so we offer thanks and appreciation for those real people who are spreading the word against bullying.

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#SpiritDay is the anti-bullying sensation sweeping nations around the world

Spirit Day began in 2010 by Brittany McMillan, a single teenager in Canada. Since then, purple has been spreading around the globe with organizations and individuals posting support of LGBTQ youth and against bullying.

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Non-profits, large and small, are bringing #SpiritDay to the people

Spirit Day is lighting up social media, television, businesses, and probably even your local community purple. However, Spirit Day is a grassroots movement, with organizations large and small participating. Local community centers, youth organizations, statewide LGBTQ organizations, and so many more are going purple. 

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Stories of LGBTQ survival in Jamaica featured at SXSW

A powerful new video premiered at South by Southwest Interactive highlights the stories, struggles, and resilience of the LGBTQ community in Jamaica.

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Photos: GLAAD celebrates Sydney Mardi Gras with Australian LGBTIQ community

GLAAD wrapped up its visit to Australia marching in the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade and sharing best practices with Australian LGBTIQ organizations.

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GLAAD moves from Melbourne to Sydney, focused on the intersection of media and the LGBTIQ movement

GLAAD’s work with the Australian LGBTIQ community continues, as we wrap up our time in Melbourne and head to Sydney.

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