Riotron and Big Freedia “Drop a Bomb” in New Interview with GLAAD

GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos was joined by Canadian electro-pop artist Riotron and multi-talented queen of bounce music, Big Freedia to discuss their new song “Drop a Bomb.” The duo has joined forces to create this fun fueled, high energy, summer song all about being fearlessly yourself.

Riotron describes the song by saying, “It’s really about making that first impression. You have seconds to ‘drop a bomb’ on the room.” He goes on to say, “and who does that better than Freedia?”

“I wanted to create something that would really connect and resonate with the LGBTQ community.” Riotron says about his inspiration for the song. “I wanted to just get the message out there to be yourself. To have that level of confidence when you walk into a place or meet new people, where you don’t have to hide who you are, you can just be yourself.” 

Big Freedia talks about how important it is to use their growing platform for good. “I can keep paving the way for younger artists that are coming behind me. I want to inspire them to be able to be themselves and just be free and be unapologetic and to let their voices be heard as well.” They also remind viewers to “Vote like your life depends on it.” 

Both artists talk about upcoming projects they’re working on, including an animated video coming out August 10th and a remix with R3HAB dropping August 12th.

Listen to “Drop a Bomb” now, wherever you stream music!