Renewed push for harsher anti-LGBT law in Uganda

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November 24, 2014

After a controversial version of the Ugandan anti-gay law, known as the "jail the gays" law, was ruled unconstitutional by the Uganda's constitutional court this August, anti-gay sentiment in the country has increased significantly. as reported by Al Jazeera and other media outlets, the court reversed the law because it was passed without the necessary quorum required by law.

The overall anti-gay environment in the country has led to a renewed campaign to get the law passed again by the end of 2014. This time the law would be in line with the rules governing the functioning of parliament. Also, it aims to employ even harsher punishments applicable on a broader scale. In addition to punishing LGBT relationships, the new bill makes it illegal to rent homes to LGBT Ugandans. It potentially criminalizes anyone who “leases or subleases, uses or allows to be used any premises for the purpose of engaging in unnatural sexual practices.”


The legislation is triggering broad international reaction and alienates some countries that support Uganda, currently financing about 20 percent of Uganda's budget.