Remembering César Chávez

Today many celebrate the birthday of César Chávez. César Chávez was a Civil Rights leader known for founding the United Farm Workers and fighting to improve the lives and conditions of migrant workers. He led marches, boycotts and hunger strikes and asked people to question how food got to their tables, whether the workers who picked the food were treated well, and how farming impacts the earth and the lives of the people involved.

He was also an early LGBT ally, speaking at the 1987 March on Washington.

Today the United Farm Workers continue the fight and many of his colleagues like Dolores Huerta and his family members continue their advocacy. Helen Chávez his wife showed her support in this poster for a Let Freedom Ring campaign. His granddaughter Christine (along with her husband) is a supporter of marriage equality and was a vocal opponent of California's Proposition 8.

In San Antonio and across the country LGBT advocates joined the marches and festivals held to honor César Chávez' legacy and to educate the community about  the continued struggles for sustainable and humane food production and consumption, for migrant worker health, for just wages and many other campaigns for dignity and justice.

Orgullo de San Antonio LGBT LULAC Council 22198, Robert Salcido, president (middle, pictured below)