Religion News Summary: Ugandans Speak Out, and Faith Communities Stand By Marriage Equality

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Wedding bells in Washington will ring for all couples starting next week! Even a month after the election, support for LBGT equality continues—particularly among faith communities around the country. Our very own Wilson Cruz wrote a pretty little thing for NBC about marriage equality, and the LA Times featured a Christian case for marriage for gay and lesbian couples. Soulforce—a religious LGBT equality organization—began a campaign this week, calling anti-LGBT leaders to “repent.”

Read about ways in which religious communities participated in this year’s World AIDS Day.

MCC moderator Nancy Wilson wrote an op-ed about Uganda, God, AIDS, and LGBT people. More religious groups spoke out about the looming anti-LGBT bill in Uganda, like the United Church of Christ and president of the American Jewish World Service. One amazingly brave transgender, Pentecostal Ugandan woman penned an open letter calling for support.

Read more about the anti-LGBT Uganda bill here.

After the recent ban on so-called “ex-gay” therapy in California, various religious groups have come out in support of LGBT survivors of the destructive practice. The founder of the Gay Christian Network called it spiritual abuse, orthodox rabbis affirmed its harm, and a group of Mormon and Jewish men are suing their old therapists for fraud. Our Director of Religion, Faith, and Values and Director of News and Field Media were both interviewed by Dr. Oz about reparative therapy and religion.

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