Religion News Summary: Supreme Court, Rainbow House, and Nicholas Coppola


Much has happened since our last Religion News Summary. Most notably, the Supreme Court of the United States heard two cases related to marriage equality that have the potential to change the national landscape for lesbian and gay couples. Faith leaders from around the country—representing multiple religious traditions—gathered in Washington D.C. to show their support, and held an interfaith service before rallying before the court to make clear their support for marriage equality, and the support of the communities they lead. Bishop Gene Robinson wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post about the significance for the Christian community of these events happening during Holy Week.

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The infamous Westboro Baptist Church got a surprise late last month when an LGBT activist purchased a house across the street, painting it the colors of the rainbow flag. He announced that the house would be used as a center for LGBT support and advocacy. Author and gay Christian Jeff Chu, who recently released a book about the struggles faced by LGBT persons in the Christian church, also traveled to Westboro to speak. Jewish rabbis in Minnesota decried Minnesotans for Marriage's use of a holocaust analogy, demanding that more sensitivity be shown for the Jewish community.

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Georgetown University, a Jesuit institution in D.C., elected its first openly gay student body president. On Easter, Bishop Timothy Dolan insisted that the Catholic Church is a place for all people, and should do a better job of welcoming LGBT people. The same week, a man in Long Island was ousted from his parish after years of devoted service for marrying his long-time boyfriend. Similarly, two devoted Catholic parents of a gay son left their church after their priest read an anti-LGBT letter from the pulpit.

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