Religion News Summary: New Pope, and Lots of Other Catholic News

The Catholics stole the media show this week. When news broke on Monday that Pope Benedict XVI will retire at the end of the month, writers from across the country began speculating about what the change might mean for LGBT Catholics. The announcement came alongside Vatican-issued retreat from their hopeful statement last week about support for lesbian and gay couples. At the same time, the much less famous principal of a Catholic High School in Ohio was fired for posting a blog supporting gay marriage. Catholic Bishops continue to be conflicted over issues of LGBT inclusion and immigration.

Read more about the Catholic principal fired for his views on marriage equality.

Aside from the Papal surprise, the biggest religious curveball this week was the apology given by two granddaughters of Westboro Baptist Church's founder Fred Phelps. The women talked about the guilt they felt for supporting an organization for so long that hurt people so deeply. They left the church in November of 2012.

Read our religion director's thoughts on the Papal resignation and its implications for LGBT people.

There's a considerable amount of clergy support for the upcoming marriage equality vote in Illinois, which always makes us smile. A Liberty University graduate shared about his experience as a gay orthodox Christian on the Huffington Post, and a man spoke with Chicago Pride about what it's like being an old, gay Jew (his words, I promise).

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