Religion News Summary: More Boy Scouts, A Gay, Jewish Kids' Book, and the National Prayer Breakfast

Read about the religious support for lifting of the Boy Scout ban.

The Boy Scouts of America dominated the news media again this week, and religious support continued to strongly favor dropping the ban on gay scouts and leaders. The United Church of Christ released a statement of support and participated in National Scout Sunday. Presbyterian and Methodist leaders also spoke out against the ban. Under pressure to make a decision, the BSA elected to push back the vote to their national meeting in May.

Read more about the Presbyterian Church's response.

Across the pond, the UK Parliament passed marriage equality legislation in spite of opposition from the  Archbishop of Canterbury, and a Hindu temple in Sussex will begin performing weddings for same-sex couples. An anthology of gay Hindu stories was also released this week. Unrelated, an awesome grandma stormed out of a homophobic sermon in a show of support for her grandson.

Read about the Family Research Council trying to co-opt Scout Sunday.

Multiple articles this week called on the evangelical church to evolve on their position about LBGT equality. LGBT Jewish families were excited this week when they discovered a new kids' book for Purim that features two dads.  A transgender teacher at a Catholic prep school in Queens was fired after working for 32 years and is suing the school for discrimination; students have started a petition in support of the teacher, who was well liked and popular.



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