Religion News Summary: Hurricanes Are Not Caused by Marriage Equality Elections

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After Hurricane Sandy (which was totally not God’s punishment for marriage equality), the LGBT Religion News Summary is back! Election Day was an amazing moment in LGBT history, and leaders from diverse faith traditions spoke out in support of marriage equality across the country: Catholics in Maine, the nephew of Harvey Milk, a Baptist minister in Maryland, and Methodists in Minnesota.

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While religious advocates for equality celebrated the progress made in the U.S. after the election, a stunning article about the underground gay community in Pakistan that has no legal protection against hate crimes, and a story about a gay Muslim Indonesian man highlight the work that still remains, both domestically and abroad.  

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The documentary about Bishop Gene Robinson—Live Free or Die—made its television debut on PBS. Bishop Robinson (who just got an award!) will be retiring at the end of the year to work in D.C. Meanwhile, the Diocese of South Carolina succeeded from the Episcopal Church recently over the issue of same-sex blessings and gay ordination. In other news, a Jewish day school severed its charter with the Boy Scouts because of the organization’s policy against gay troop leaders, a gay seminarian left the Methodist church so he could be a pastor, and a Muslim man placed third in Mr. Gay Netherlands.



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