Religion News Summary: Even more news on the Pope's Resignation

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Rumors that Pope Benedict XVI's resignation was influenced by a "Gay Lobby" or network of gay bishops have been swirling since late last week. Vatican officials have refused to comment on the substance of the stories, stating only that they create "a tension that is the opposite of what the pope and the church want." The initial story was published in La Repubblica, a well-respected Italian newspaper, leading some to look at its potential validity. Whatever the case, the Roman Catholic hierarchy continues to struggle with treating LGBT people with respect and dignity, as evidenced by recent comments made by Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, who is considered a frontrunner to become the next Pope.

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Tim Tebow caused a stir a couple weeks ago when he announced that he'd be speaking at an anti-LGBT megachurch in Dallas. He caused another one when he announced that he'd be pulling out. The pastor, Robert Jeffress, responded to the incident during his sermon on Sunday. The Southern Baptist Church released a statement this week that called on the Boy Scouts to uphold their ban on gay marriage. A Jewish committee, though, did the exact opposite, stating their inclusion of gay scouts.

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Britain's top Catholic Cardinal—Keith O'Brien—stepped down from his position this week amid a swirl of sexual abuse allegations. He will no longer be voting in the upcoming conclave to elect the next Pope. In response, The Guardian wrote a piece examining what motivates religious homophobia—speculating that it often relates to internalized self-hatred.






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