Religion News Summary: Boy Scouts and Baptist Sit-Ins

Everyone’s on pins and needles this week while the Boy Scouts of America decide whether or not to lift the ban on LGBT leaders and scouts in their nation-wide program. Religious leaders have spoken out in support of the lift, including the United Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalists, and a United Methodist pastor. The Southern Baptist Convention and the Roman Catholic Church, however, were quick to voice strong opposition. 

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Two Christian communities took important steps toward equality this week: a Lutheran church in Rockford voted to become the city’s first LGBT affirming Lutheran congregation, and an Austin Episcopal church prepared for its first blessing for a gay couple. A Baptist minister and his life partner were jailed after staging a sit-in protest in response to being denied a marriage license. And a musical is being created to remember the 32 people killed in a fire in a gay bar that also housed the Metropolitan Community Church

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The Roman Catholic Archbishop in San Francisco tried to compare marriage equality to males lactating (which males can do, under certain circumstances). A Catholic adoption agency in Scotland was told it had to stop discriminating against LGBT couples or face government shutdown, and the Roman Catholic Church told its priests that the action against marriage equality is more important than ever. Also, RuPaul shared some spiritual convictions with the Huffington Post.

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