Religion News Summary: Baylor to retain gay ban, Methodist pastor "guilty" of marriage

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United Methodist pastor Frank Schaefer has been found "guilty" of performing the wedding of his gay son. He has been given 30 days to decide if he will "repent" or lose his credentials. He says he will not repent from his ministry of love. Meanwhile, former Methodist bishop of San Francisco Melvin Talbert still faces a church trial. The United Methodist Council of Bishops formally voted during a meeting in North Carolina to formally charge the bishop for his violation of canon law. As the governor of Illinois plans to sign into law the state's marriage equality bill, the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield plans to hold an exorcism to rid the state of the bill which he believes is a product of the devil.

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The Employment Non-discrimination Act, which recently passed in the Senate would not have passed without the support of Mormon senators, may be a reflection of what Harry Reid claims is an evolution on LGBT rights within the church. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops still remains opposed to the legislation.

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A Teen from the Bronx claims that she was expelled from a Catholic school for being a Lesbian. Meanwhile in Texas, a gay teen was suspended for three days for ripping out a passage in Leviticus from his Bible. Finally, Baylor University chose to retain its clause prohibiting "homosexual behavior".

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