Religion News Summary for August 29, 2012

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International marriage equality efforts have faced roadblocks from a variety of religious sources. The Catholic Church in Scotland, led by Cardinal Keith O’Brien, has been at the forefront of anti-marriage equality efforts in that country. The Catholic Church in France has launched a similar effort against both marriage equality and adoption by gay and lesbian couples in response to Socialist President Francois Hollande efforts to enact marriage equality by 2013. While the Catholic hierarchy and a conservative group within the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand have voiced opposition to a marriage equality bill in that country, 57 clergy from Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist churches co-signed a letter rejecting the Catholic Church’s position. Other encouraging news comes from Nepal, where a recently passed law granting full equality to LGBT people has garnered no reaction from religious leaders.

On August 15, Dan Savage, founder of the It Gets Better Project, sat down to dinner with Brian S. Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, to debate the (Christian) Bible and LGBT equality. Both men are Catholic; Savage was born into an Irish Catholic family and attended parochial school but is now lapsed, while Brown was raised Quaker and converted in College. In the end, both Savage and Brown felt the hour-long debate, which can be seen on Youtube, was pointless. Neither changed his position nor acknowledged any of the other’s points.

Many people seem to be asking whether or not Christianity really is opposed to LGBT people and marriage. Jamie McGonnigal argues in the Huffington Post that, while most anti-LGBT equality groups claim to be fighting for something (so-called traditional marriage, family values, etc.) they are actually fighting equality under the guise of Christianity. Rev. J. McRee Elrod, a retired Unitarian Universalist minister agrees, noting that two of the most beautiful love stories in the Bible are between people of the same gender: David and Jonathan, and Ruth and Naomi. In a letter to other Christians encouraging dialogue and listening with an open mind, Richmond Schmidt says: “God tears down walls where we would form lines. […] act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God. Preserving values is great. Valuing love is better still.”

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