Religion News Summary for August 16, 2012

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Rev. Susan Russell offers an Episcopal reaction to Bryan Fischer’s ridiculousclaim that children should be kidnapped from LGBT parents.  Reverend Greg Ward writes his Unitarian Universalist reaction to Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy in letter form. However, a Catholic parish in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco has banned drag at all fundraising events

GLAAD applauds the Windy City Times for highlighting openly transgender Unitarian Universalist minister Sean Parker Dennison (pictured) and encourages North Carolinians to consider the upcoming Trans Faith in Color Conference.   At another conference,  Mormons in San Francisco are bridging the gap between Mormon and LGBT communities, as well as providing support for LGBT Mormons.   The work of Utah’s Mormons Building Bridges was highlighted in City Weekly as well.  

Recently in Minnesota, where marriage equality is set to be on the November ballot, two new pro-LGBT equality ads aired one with a priest, a pastor, and a rabbi walking into a bar and one with a United Church of Christ minister and his gay son.  However, the installation of an openly lesbian Lutheran pastor as the Regional Director for ReconcilingWorks ended with a possible hate crime. On Friday, in predominantly Hindu Nepal, LGBT advocates and supporters marched to demand recognition of a third gender in citizen certificates, to endorse marriage equality, and to criminalize discrimination based on sexual orientation.