Religion News Summary: Ash Wednesday, Preachers' Kids, and LGBT Catholics

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After the flurry of LGBT religion news stories last week, this week was, well, a little quieter. The Pope is still resigning, and LGBT Catholic groups continue to the call for a gay-friendly pope to replace Benedict XVI, but one of the front runners—an African Cardinal—made claims this week that African traditions prevent people from being gay. LGBT Catholics are understandably anxious.

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An amazing article was released this week about a Methodist minister whose only words about his gay son are, "I'm thankful to be his father.” Fair warning: You'll probably definitely cry when you read it.  In California, another gay preacher's son has found solace in the Episcopal Church. Meanwhile, in Michigan, LGBT Muslims shared their life stories.

Illinois Media Short on Pro-LGBT Faith Voices, Fact-Checks

The (almost ordained) Presbyterian minister John Russell Stanger took to the streets of New York this Ash Wednesday and applied ashes to the foreheads of passers-by, including a queer man who asked to have the word "gay" written across his forehead.  The head of the Metropolitan Community Church wrote several op-eds, including calling for LGBT-inclusive immigration reform. Meanwhile, underground in New York, a gay man stood up to a fundamentalist preacher, rebutting his anti-gay claims with the powerful chant, "Jesus is love." At the end, the whole subway claps in support. Maybe they should have sang a song by Micah's Rule?








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