Regional superstars "Los Tigres del Norte" pen a song about same-sex love

One of Mexico's leading bands has a new song in support of the LGBT community. The hugely popular Norteño band Los Tigres del Norte, has a new single titled "Era Differente" ("She Was Different") on their new album "Realidades." The single tells the story of a girl who, all her life has been wooed by boys, but whose "heart is not for a boy." Instead, she buys flowers for her best friend, a girl. The lyrics then express that love simply exists and people should look for their best match, regardless of gender. The song is a huge breakthrough for the LGBT community, especially coming from a band that is a staple of the regional genre, akin to country music in the United States. A portion of the song lyrics are "Dicen que el vuelo ideal es paloma y palomo y les parece rara otra forma de amor. Yo solo pienso que existen corrientes de aire y cada quien que aspire su viento mejor" which loosely translates to "They say an ideal match is between and man and a woman and another form of love is rare. I think love exists and everyone looks for their perfect match". Los Tigres del Norte stopped by the Las Mañanitas Show, where Eduardo Hernández, who wrote the song, said everyone should be free to feel what they want. They also had supportive messages to say when popular entertainment show El Gordo y La Flaca asked them a few questions. The article from their visit can be found here. Watch them on El Gordo y La Flaca here. Watch their video on YouTube here.