Recognizing LGBT families during National Adoption Month

Georgia's LGBT news source the GA Voice highlighted LGBT parents and their adorable kids during National Adoption Month. Family Equality Council is also honoring the month with the Allies for Adoption campaign.

Brittany and Caitlan, four years old, came to their dads with the help of an egg donor and surrogacy to start the picture perfect family. Luckily, Seth and Nathan Woodard-Persily, owner of Look Young Atlanta, were able to successfully complete second parent adoption in Fulton County, though it’s not permitted in most parts of Georgia, their state.

As Nathan put it, “We were lucky that there are lots of great judges in Fulton."

“We go to PTA and have play dates and all that other stuff with the parents. At that age and with the environment they’re in, there have been no problems,” said Nathan, who recently hosted GLAAD Atlanta Reception with his family in their home.

Sharon Burow and Jackie Miller adopted their son, Jackson, the day he was born—made possible by the off chance that his birth parents happened to be driving through Georgia when Jackson’s birth mom went into labor. The adoption will be finalized later this month in Dekalb County.

Sharon told the GA Voice, “It’s important that you do it in Fulton or Dekalb. If you go before another judge in Georgia and you’re turned down, that’s it. It’s over in the entire state. You would have to establish residency in another state and start the entire process all over again.”

Marshall Berch and David Goetsch have two sons—Noah, 22, and Jonathan, 18. When they first adopted Noah as a baby, in Dekalb County, “there was just one judge who would allow second parent adoptions, [so] we sought out that particular judge,” according to David. Five years later, their second son joined the bunch.

These three loving families are success stories for LGBT parents looking to adopt, though they still demonstrate how difficult it can for many potential parents to start their families. With the Allies for Adoption campaign, Family Equality Council is raising awareness about the legal hurdles placing families—kids needing to be adopted and the LGBT potential parents who want to adopt them—at a disadvantage.

In most states, it’s still illegal for most LGBT people and couples to adopt children, while 400,000 kids remain in the country’s foster care system. The Every Child Deserves a Family Act seeks to eliminate state laws, policies, practices, and procedures that discriminate against LGBT people hoping to become adoptive or foster parents.

Using social media, shareable graphics, and more, Family Equality Council is working to bring support to the bill and to families everywhere. They’ve also released 50 States of Adoption to display the discriminatory laws and policies around the country, as well as Faces of Adoption to share more stories like those featured in the GA Voice.

Be sure to show your support for the protection of LGBT families by posting about Allies for Adoption and National Adoption Month