RECAP: 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 15 Episode 8: It's A Lip Sync Lalaparuza!

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details about the episode 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race

As the queens enter the Werk Room, they are shook. Not because it’s down to the top 10, but as Luxx points out, Aura left the runway “curse first”.  As Aura was eliminated from the competition last week, she walked off the runway saying “my dead dad will haunt you all!”. They all have a good laugh about it… but seriously, what if the queens are cursed now?

Speaking of cursed, it seems like Loosey feels like she was cursed because it "really burned her marshmallow" that she was not in the top. She interrupts the celebration of Mistress’s win saying that she was, and I quote, “f*ckin’ pissed” that she was not in the top. She goes into this Tracy Flick tirade, claiming that she deserved to be rewarded for her hard work..

Mistress calls this another case of “drag delusion”.

Spice makes the announcement that she has entered her “top era” and does her little scurry prance that made Michelle Visage and RuPaul drag her.

Again, Mistress claims another case of “drag delusion”.

It’s a new day in the Werk Room and Loosey’s rabid hunger for a win launches the conversation asking if anyone is mad that they haven’t won a challenge. Jax, who’s been in the bottom twice, is tired of not winning.

Jax then calls Loosey out saying, “When you were on that couch complaining about being safe, I was just like, ‘shut up!’”.

The other gals begin to create a casual dog pile on Loosey, encouraging her to own her obsessive attitude about winning. It is interrupted when RuPaul walks in and ru-veals to the queens that this week they will be competing in a Lip Sync Lalaparuza!

While the queens are gagged at this challenge, Mistress, being the lovely mess-maker she is, is taking notes. She is strategizing. It seems like she is the only one in this competition who is playing this game. She claims that Marcia, Loosey, and Spice have targets on their backs while all the queens are scared to go up against Sasha and Anetra.

Honestly, Mistress ain’t  wrong.

RuPaul walks on to the mainstage in another gorgeous gown that looks like it was made by the most expensive black licorice on the market. As for the judges’ panel, it’s just family tonight, with Michelle Visage and Ross Mathews with the Pit Crew’s Bruno serving as tonight’s Lip Sync LaLaPaRuza ball picker.

The rules are simple: whoever’s name Bruno draws, gets to pick their lip sync opponent. In turn, the opponent gets to pick their lip sync song. In the final eighth round, the two queens that remain must lip sync for their life and one queen will have to sashay away. However, this is Drag Race -- Ru might throw in an unexpected twist. You never know.

Malaysia is chosen first. She is having a Sophie’s Choice moment, going back and forth on which queen she will choose. In a shocking move, Malaysia picks Broadway queen Marcia. As Mistress points out, “Bitch, wrong choice.”

Marcia picks “Boys Don’t Cry” by Anitta – and we get to see Marcia do her thing. She wipes the stage with Malaysia, with an “I didn’t know she had that in her” lip sync performance, doin’ some flips and tumbles. Although Malaysia gives her all, it ain’t enough, unfortunately. With her very first lip sync performance, Marcia is safe for the week, while Malaysia is still up for elimination.

Marcia gets to sit backstage and watch the other lip sync performances. We see Bruno choose Loosey’s ball from the golden hopper and with a quickness she chooses Spice as her opponent. Spice then chooses “ Do You Wanna Touch Me” by Joan Jett.

In a very good confessional, Salina giddily dmits, “Low key, I’m rooting for Spice because I feel like Loosey is on the verge of cracking. [If] she gets another loss, she’s gonna go off the deep end!”

As Marcia points out, the Loosey and Spice lip sync is surprisingly a close call. Ru announces Loosey as the winner and she joins Marcia backstage.

In round 3, Bruno chooses Luxx who picks Salina. Now, this is an interesting matchup. Salina feels that Luxx chose her because she was gonna pick a high-energy song. That said, Salina decides on “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” by the great Celine Dion – a song that is in her act. From the jump, it feels like it’s Salina’s round to lose.

Luxx puts up a fight, but the judges are lovin’ what Salina is putting out there. She wins the round and Luxx isn’t too happy about it. As Malaysia said, this loss is “putting a crack in the vase”.

Bruno draws Mistress’s ball. Her strategy was to choose a queen that will pick a song she wants. She chooses Jax, who chooses “Tell It To My Heart” by Taylor Dayne.

Mistress’s plan works.

Jax does her flippin’ and kinetic choreo, but Mistress is serving some serious Taylor Dayne realness – and there was a reveal! Mistress and her titty twerkin’ gets the win while Jax is shocked that she is still up for elimination.

Jax is a natural lip sync assassin and the queens backstage are just as shocked as Jax when they see Mistress join them. Salina, Marcia and Loosey admit to Mistress that they thought Jax won – and Mistress let’s them know what’s up.

It’s getting a little tense backstage amongst the winners.

The final lip sync round includes the two queens no one wanted to go up against: Sasha and Anetra. Bruno chooses Anetra’s ball and she chooses “I’m In Love With A Monster” by Fifth Harmony.

This is going to be good… and it was.

Anetra walks that f*ckin duck all over that mainstage while Sasha and her ponytail do what legends do: slay. One is unable to peel their eyes off of  this mesmerizing performance of dips, splits, and booty pops. This lip sync was definitely one for the history books.

In the end, Sasha wins the lip sync while Anetra is still up for elimination. “If I was going to lose to anybody, I’m glad it is Sasha…but that will be the last time,” Anetra admits in her confessional.

With half the queens gone, Bruno pulls Malaysia’s ball for the second time. She chooses Spice because she wasn’t about to have anyone duck walk all over her back. Spice chooses “Don’t Go Yet” by Camila Cabello because she knows Malaysia doesn’t no words. The gag is – neither does Spice.

This was a the most perfect storm of a mess as the two of them flailed all over that stage mouthing the word “pineapple” in an attempt to cover up that they don’t know the words. Malaysia ended up faking it the best while Spice is still up for elimination. Honestly, I was expecting that both were going to be up for elimination.

This leaves us with Anetra, Luxx, and Jaxx (whose outfit I just don’t understand). The trio must lip sync to Vanessa Williams’s “ The Right Stuff” – and they pull out all the stops. The three of them look like a girl group as they perform. There are tons of splits, shablams, dips, flips and lots of slayage – and Luxx conquers them all.

It is now narrowed down to Anetra, Jax, and Spice. In a twist, Ru says that only two of them will lip sync for their lives. She reveals that Bruno will draw the ball of a random queen and that queen gets to save one of her fellow queens, leaving her lip sync opponent.

Anetra’s name is drawn. She chooses to save… Spice!


Showing her true and just sportsmanship, Anetra pointed out in her confessional: “I cannot lip sync against Spice… y’all think that’s fair? And honestly I have no problem taking Jax out.”

Meanwhile, Jax is obviously not happy with being in the bottom again but also isn’t happy that Anetra chose to save Spice. “This is a punch to the gut,” Jax said in her confessional. “I thought that we were closer than that, but if Anetra wants to lip sync against me, then it’s a battle she’s gonna get.”

Like the rest of us, Spice is gagged that she was saves. When she walks backstage, the queens welcome her with open arms – and it’s a little surprising. The queens have finally warmed up to Spice and it feels like she is more of a little ditzy sister to them rather than an clueless alien.

Back at the mainstage, Anetra and Jax must lip sync for their lives to the Cece Peniston dance classic, “Finally” and as expected, it’s a really good lip sync. It’s another one for the history books – and it’s testimony to the fact that season 15 is filled with some amazing lip sync skills.

In the end, only one queen can move forward. Both queens slayed but Anetra’s skills were on another level. Anetra literally duck walked back to safety and for Jax, this was the third and final time she will be lip syncing for her life as Ru tells her to sashay away.

And just like that, we go from 10 queens to nine.