RECAP: 'RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15, Episode 4: A Supersized Snatch... Game

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details about episode 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Poppy has been eliminated. Amethyst has survived yet another LSFYL and she is gagged she is still there… as are the other queens… as are a lot of viewers. In turn, Amethyst questions her talent and

The queens sit down to debrief EsTitties asks Sugar and Spice how it was like to work separately in the last challenge and first thing that comes to mind is: “Are they setting the twins up to LSFYL against each other?” It’s way too early, right?

Nonetheless, the TikTok twins are becoming more and more comfortable with being around other queens. It’s as if they are baby drag fawns fresh from the drag womb, struggling to find their footing. It’s uncomfortable to watch because it seems like they might make a mess of themselves but at the same time it’s cute to watch.

They congratulate Sasha Colby on her win and it turns into a “Who’s in second place?” battle between Luxx and Loosey – and the latter is hungry -- nay ravenous -- for a win. It’s giving Jan energy.

The next day in the Werk Room, Spice throws some shade at Amethyst asking if she plays baseball because it’s “three strikes and you’re out”. All the queens “ooh” and “ahh” as Spice admits that Mistress put her up to it. Nice to see Shade is learning the way of the shade.

RuPaul “hello, hello, hello’s” his way into the Werk Room adorned in a crystalline pink and black suit with some extra plumage to drop a major bomb: this week’s main challenge is a super-sized version of the Snatch Game! In the fourth episode of the season! This is unheard of!

Ru explains that there will be two rounds of Snatch Game, splitting the queens into each round. Normally, the Snatch Game would be at a point in the season because we have certain expectations of the queens because we have gotten to know them a little more. To have it so early this season shows the audience what the queens are capable of.

Hats off to the producers and editors for giving all 15 queens a time to shine… or totally bomb. That said, this season’s Snatch Game was definitely a mixed bag – but there was a clear top and a clear bottom.

For the first group we had the contestants are Pit Crew members Bruno and Calix all in their oiled up glory. The celebrity Snatch Game panel  for round one includes Luxx taking on the role of Amanda Lepore, claiming that she can do a better job at it than Trinity’s Season 9 impersonation of the icon. EsTitties decided to be a horny version of the Virgin Mary. During one of her confessionals when she was explaining why she choice the religious figure, the lights went out which thought of as an omen.

Anetra decides to play Gorgina Ramsey, Gordon Ramsey’s sister… but all I was getting was Cate Blanchett in a chef’s coat. Mistress plays talk show era Rosie O’Donnell while Maria^3 makes it work as Tim Gunn. Rounding out the first round Snatchers are Malaysia as “Walk” rapper Saucey Santana and Robin Fierce as Grande Dame of Potomac, Karen Huger.

Malaysia, Anetra, and Robin weren’t horrible, but they weren’t memorable either. Luxx gets a few good volleys with Ru in there but it is clear that Marcia and Mistress are jockeying for the top three of this challenge while EsTitties was desperately trying to keep up.

Round two included Pit Crew’s Bryce and Asaf sitting in the contestant seats – by the way, shout out to Drag Race set designers for making podiums that allow us to see their entire body while they sit down.

The second group was a little stronger than the first with Loosey delivering an incredible, next-level performance of Joan Rivers while Sasha shined as televangelist Jane Crouch. Amethyst fully flexed her comedy muscles as the legendary Tan Mom and last but not least,  Jax impressed with a hilarious version of the Mona Lisa.

Then there were the others… oof. Sugar dolled it up as YouTuber Trisha Paytas while Spice decided to put on her best impression of Miley Cyrus – and those were definitely choices. With each question Ru asked it just got more and more uncomfortable to watch the pair of them. As Amethyst quotes the legendary Latrice Royale: “The level of unprofessionalism… far too much!” Yes, Sugar and Spice were on the level of the front row shenanigans that were seen in Snatch Game season 4 with Jiggly Caliente, Phi Phi O’Hara and Kenya Michaels.

Lastly, there was Aura Mayari attempting to impersonate fellow Filipino Bretman Rock – and it did not work in her favor at all, unfortunately.

Based on all the performances we get an idea of who is in the top and who is in the bottom this week – with Sugar and Spice definitely in the bottom.

On runway day, the queens are getting ready Loosey has her Werk Room moment, sharing the incredibly unfortunate story of her being ostracized by her classmates in school. She said that even teachers called him fa****t. This led her to drag and comedy because she wanted to get people to laugh with her than laugh at her.

Ru makes her sickening grand runway entrance in a finely feathered Chanel-esque gown continuing the plumage from the suit earlier in the episode. This week’s judges include Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and actress Amandla Stenberg, who is looking devastatingly gorgeous.

The category for this week’s runway is “Beautiful Nightmare” and this is how the queens fared:

  • Marcia: She’s coming out with more headgear and dressed as a scary dentist.
  • Luxx: She slays as a drowned zombie bride complete with cinder block chained to her ankle.
  • Malaysia: She’s looking like a lavender Vegas demon.
  • Mistress: It’s giving punk rock caged spider.
  • Anetra: A latex black widow dream.
  • EsTitties: More like “Rotten Titties”. It’s giving sexy Leatherface.
  • Robin: Another sexy spider outfit.
  • Loosey: It’s Jason Voorhies goes to Paris Fashion Week.
  • Sasha: A wickedly elevated Tim Burton witch
  • Jax: Serving Medusa Lord Voldermort fish
  • Sugar: A sweet version of a creepy Bratz doll.
  • Spice: A not-so-sweet version of a creepy Bratz doll.
  • Amethyst: Bloody Gaga realness a la 2009 VMAs.
  • Aura: Putting a new meaning to the gorgeous backless gown.

Luxx, Malaysia, Anetra, EsTitties, Robin, Sasha, Jax and Amethyst are safe and are asked to go backstage while Marcia, Mistress, Loosey, Sugar, Spice, and Aura are left to be praised or dragged by the judges.

Marcia is praised for her performance as Tim Gunn but the panel is not too fond of her runway look and is asked to “drag it up” – and she is still getting read for her makeup. Mistress’ uncanny and hilarious impression of Rosie O’Donnell has definitely put her ahead in the competition and Ru even said her eye is on her -- in a good way. But it is clear that Loosey’s Joan Rivers stole the show because the judges cannot stop gushing about her performance as the legend as well as her gorgeously macabre runway look.

The judges don’t say much about Sugar and Spice’s looks, but they had lots to say about performances as Trisha Paytas and Miley Cyrus, respectively. The judges basically said they had no idea what they were doing. Meanwhile, they loved Aura’s runway look but Ru called her Snatch Game performance as Bretman Rock a “nightmare” before naming her safe.

That leaves us with Sugar and Spice – a LSFYL that was bound to happen, but again we ask: this early in the season?

They are asked to perform a lip sync performance (or as Spice called it a “twin sync for your life”) of Pat Benatar’s “You Better Run” and the twins have a full choreographed routine for this song. The routine is kind of bizarre, but sweet. However, the fact that they had a planned routine makes us think they knew they were going to be in the bottom.

After the performance Ru makes her decision. Sugar is asked to sashay away while Spice lives to slay another day. Sugar is obviously sad and based on the preview of next week's fashion challenge episode, Spice is starting to unravel as she is without the yin to her yang.