Reba McEntire: country music "certainly has" evolved on LGBT acceptance

Legendary country singer Reba McEntire, who last week released her 27th studio album Love Somebody, spoke with NewNowNext recently about country music and the genre's evolution on LGBT acceptance. The industry has seen huge strides including the recent coming out of artists like Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman, the success of Grammy-nominated out singer/songwriter Brandy Clark, and support of allies like Carrie Underwood and LeAnn Rimes. Reba herself has also previously participated in GLAAD's #spiritday campaign showing her support for LGBT youth and taking a stand against bullying.

"I sure hope so. I think it [country music] certainly has as people start to understand the importance of not judging one another. I’d like to think it’s evolved," McEntire said. She also commented on her large LGBT fan base, saying, "It’s not something I ever expected, but something I certainly embrace."

McEntire also recently spoke with PrideSource about her support of the LGBT community. In the interview she mentions her friends Michael and Steven who were recently married and how unfair she felt it was that they had to wait so long to be able to be legally wed. "I just went to my first gay wedding a couple of months ago in California for Michael and Steven, my two great friends. They've been together for 20 years! I thought that it was not fair, and I didn't understand why they couldn't get married," she said. "But I don't understand why people have a problem with it. [...] God did not make us all the same. So, I just pray for an open mind and a loving heart, and I think that's all I can do."

Over the weekend, McEntire was honored with the Milestone Award at the Academy of Country Music Awards, presented by her daughter-in-law Kelly Clarkson, and she also performed a 6-minute medley of some of her most memorable hits.

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