A Real Life Family Living 'the New Normal': Dan Allen and David DeGiralamo

Dan Allen and David DeGiralamo are just one example of millions of real life families in the U.S. who demonstrate that same-sex parents are raising their families with the same love and compassion as straight parents.  Audiences will soon get to see another gay couple, Bryan and David, trying to start a family with the help of a surrogate when NBC’s The New Normal starts next week.

The couple began dating in 2002 and both men quickly agreed they would eventually want to start a family together, and decided to research and pursue surrogacy. David and Dan admit that the process presented struggles, both financially and emotionally, but agree their experience has been extremely gratifying. Their son Dominic is healthy, happy and truly loved by his fathers. His younger sister Juliet, from the same surrogate and donor, is now home with the family and settling in to a life of love and laughter in the family's New Jersey home.

The path to fatherhood was unique for the couple in several ways, and David decided to compile e-mails he had sent to update family and friends through their first surrogacy process into a book titled And You Are Love. The book is seeking a publisher and also contains messages from friends, family and their surrogate, Jenn, which speak directly to Dominic about how he came into their lives and a collection of advice from those who love him.

Dan and David, as parents who are gay, are aware that things may not always be easy for their children. “Yes, he and we may encounter prejudice, but we’ll face it,” David said in a 2011 interview with The UK Times, "We won’t become victims of it. The reality is he has two loving parents, which is more than a lot of kids have…and we hope he takes something more positive than negative from that.”

The New Normal premieres Monday, September 10 at 10 pm after The Voice on NBC, but you can watch the pilot now on NBC’s website. GLAAD will be partnering with Equality Utah and Utah Pride Center to host a panel discussion and screening for Utah residents following Salt Lake City’s NBC affiliate KSL-TV’s decision to not air the series. Watch the trailer for The New Normal below.

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