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GLAAD launches interactive digital timeline for #GLAADAt30

GLAAD launched an interactive digital timeline to trace a great deal of GLAAD's history, from its founding in 1985 to today.Read More

GLAAD launches #GLAADat30 to celebrate thirty years of progress

In celebration of the last 30 years of progress, the newly launched #GLAADat30 campaign will explore the history of GLAAD and its most significant accomplishments.Read More

After the Boy Scouts let him be a leader, Greg Bourke's church still bans him

Even though the Boy Scouts of America ended its ban on LGB leaders, Greg Bourke, an out gay man is being denied membership due to discrimination from the church.Read More

Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders to honor Jennifer Finney Boylan

Boston organization will honor transgender advocate, best-selling author, and GLAAD co-chair Jennifer Finney Boylan with the Spirit of Justice Award.Read More

GLAAD interns visit 'MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts'

This week, GLAAD's interns visited the Comcast Building, where they toured MSNBC's studios, control rooms, and learned more about broadcast newsroom operations.Read More

The White House releases new HIV and AIDS strategy

Today, the White House released the National HIV and AIDS Strategy Updated to 2020 with a focus on minority populations affected by HIV and AIDS.Read More

Interview: Brittany McMillan talks 2 Billion Under 20

Spirit Day founder Brittany McMillan speaks to GLAAD about her involvement with the new book, 2 Billion Under 20, and her plans for this year's Spirit Day.Read More

PHOTOS: 'Pride Wall' at Westfield Mission Valley

In partnership with GLAAD, Westfield Mission Valley debuted a collaborative, crowd-sourced 'Pride Wall.'Read More
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