Raymond Braun and The Rhodes Bros give advice for National Coming Out Day

YouTube sensation Raymond Braun just released a video with fellow YouTubers Aaron and Austin Rhodes giving advice to LGBT youth who have not yet come out to their families and friends

As National Coming Out Day quickly approaches, Braun and the Rhodes Bros decided to make a video that talks about the best ways to handle coming out. "There's no one coming out experience," Braun says in the video, "it's so individual to who you are. So it's just a day for our community to come together and have that dialogue."

To begin their list of coming out advice, Raymond, Austin, and Aaron say that the first person to whom you need to come out is yourself. Whether you spend this time writing about how you feel or educating yourself through various media outlets, you need to feel comfortable with yourself and your sexuality or gender identity before anyone else can.

After you feel comfortable, Braun and the Rhodes Bros say that you can start by coming out to an ally, "to someone you are almost positive is going to support you." This is somebody who you trust and who you feel comfortable talking to about coming out to people whose reaction you are unsure of.

The YouTube stars also talk about the importance of being prepared to answer questions. Anticipating a person's reaction is important, and being prepared to answer his or her questions in a patient manner is key to their acceptance of you.

"Wait and incubate and take care of yourself, and there's no rush to come out. You need to make sure that you're safe and that you're comfortable," Braun says during the video. Self-care and comfort is crucial in helping you through this process. There are people to help you, resources online, and role models to follow in the media. Austin Rhodes sums all of this advice up in one short sentence. "Live your truth."

Aaron and Austin Rhodes are twin brothers who have the most-viewed coming out video on YouTube. In it, the brothers call their father to tell him their sexuality, a moment which is very sentimental and liberating for both brothers.

Included in the description of their advice video are plenty of resources for LGBT youth who have yet to come out to their loved ones.

For more information and advice from Raymond, Austin, and Aaron, feel free to check out the Seventeen column that the three friends wrote.