Randy Thomasson's horrific anti-transgender CNN interview (and follow up) proves he is CAP-worthy

In my nine years of challenging the opposition, it stands out as one of the most disgusting things I've ever come across.  There in the summer of 2008, when I was planning my wedding to my Jewish now-husband, I saw it: The insinuation that our upcoming marriage was equivalent to the Holocaust.  Or, more precisely, the claim that the people who would have to grant a wedding license to my -then-fiancé and myself were being tasked with a job on par with the one that involved the gassing of my better half's ancestors.

It came from Randy Thomasson's one man operation, histrionically called Save California, and it read like so:

[SOURCE: SaveCalifornia.com, 5/22/08 (item was scrubbed a day later)]

Not that I was terribly surprised to see it, Frankly.  Having covered Randy for several years at that point (and several more since), I knew him as one of the most extreme voices working in any of our states. He is one of those activists who goes for the harshest rhetoric rather political pragmatism.  Here is just a sampling of some of the things Mr. Thomasson has said and done, per his Commentator Accountability Project profile:

-- Likened pro-LGBT teachers and school administrators to Adolf Hitler

-- Because of state's LGBT-inclusive policies, Thomasson says California's schoolchildren are like "lambs to the slaughter"

-- After Newtown, said school children were murdered in public schools because of "sin;" added that "love of God" and "fear of God" is the way to stop it

-- Says (at 1:00) that homosexuality is "inherently unhealthy;" adds (1:30-2:40) that homosexuality is "abnormal" but students are being brainwashed to think otherwise

-- Compared same-sex marriages to lying, cheating, stealing, forgery, and more: "Counterfeits always harm society, whether it’s lying or cheating, or a teenager pretending he loves a girl just so she’ll give him sex, or the stealing that banks and other businesses endure, or the false documents that are commonplace in the black market. I am greatly concerned how counterfeit marriages in California and other states will teach children that there’s nothing special about marriage and that homosexual relationships deserve the same honor as marriage, just with a different name."

-- Likens the "lie" of homosexuality to drugs, cigarettes, junk food, drunk driving, and more

-- Equates LGBT-affirming teaching with sexual abuse and car collisions: "If a speeding car was on a collision course with your child, wouldn’t you do all you could to rush to rescue your child? And what if you found out someone was planning to sexually molest your child? Nothing could stop you from rescuing your boy or girl. Think about it. If we are so concerned about the physical safety of children, why wouldn’t we also protect their mental, emotional, and spiritual safety? Realize that the raft of school sexual indoctrination mandates imposed on all children in California government schools amounts to mental molestation"

-- Says LGBT acceptance is "less than animal": "This philosophy essentially turns man into an animal, but less than an animal, because beasts follow God's natural order of sexuality."

-- Says (at :07) that the push for LGBT rights is "unnatural and unhealthy;" equates (at :33) LGBT rights with a "flood coming in"

-- Refers to a certian political party as "the evil Democrats;" calls his pro-LGBT opposition "the powers of evil" (at :29)

-- Says (at :56) that homosexuality is "a hammer against everything that is good and sacred in society"

-- Says the LGBT rights movement promotes a "tsunami of perversity"

As I said: the harshest rhetoric.  And in fact, Thomasson's rhetoric is so beyond the pale that when the Prop 8 battle came to his state, after he had been laying the ground work there for years, the official team behind that ballot effort (NOM and company) pointedly refused to work with Thomasson.  Andy Pugno, who was then serving as this "Protect Marriage" coalition's general counsel said at the time that his coalition refused to work with Thomasson because he "represents the extreme fringe."

Fast forward to this week.  When California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law ensuring the safety and full participation of transgender students, CNN chose to book this very same Randy Thomasson to speak on the topic.  Predictably, Thomasson used this opportunity to make a cruel swipe at Masen Davis, the activist tasked with standing his ground against the "extreme fringe" opponent.  "Good to talk to you, ladies."  Thomasson's obvious attempt to slur and shame a transgender man in a highly public setting.

Lest you think Thomasson might have just misspoken, check out what Randy addresses the incident on his own blog:

At the beginning of the interview, the liberal host calls the woman, who is a transsexual activist, “sir,” and refers both to her and me as “gentlemen.” But at the end of the interview, I say “good to talk to you ladies,” because both the host and my bearded opponent are indeed biological females. (Of course, the bearded Masen Davis didn’t like this fact at all and she’s complaining to CNN about me — how tyrannical and anti-free-speech!)

SaveCalifornia.com loves all people, yet confused or malicious folks who don’t care about facts or truth call our love “hate.” But it’s a fact that if you’ve inherited a Y chromosome from your father, you’re male; if not, you’re female. No one can alter God’s unchanging laws of Nature. But the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual activists and their supporters can’t be bothered with facts, can they? Instead, they engage in ad hominem arguments and personal attacks.

FULL BLOG: SaveCalifornia.com

The problem is that the vast majority of people in the media are still too quick to accept people like Randy's own self-branding, which is how they get on the air as mere social conservatives who are simply opposed to us on a policy level.  That's why we still see extreme voices on major television programs whose opposition to us is unfairly limiting to just being "opposed to gay marriage" or "opposed to LGBT rights."  Those of us who actually follow these extreme voices know how far it truly goes.

This is what GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project is all about.  No one who works full time in LGBT rights expects every person who works in media to be intimately informed on who these voices are of what they stand for—that's what GLAAD is here to do.  CAP is a way to show the media what these folks really say about us, in their own, fully sourced words, so that they can get the quick insight that they need to make better decisions.  This better decision might lead these media bookers to choose another representative for the conservative cause, or it might lead them to more accurately represent and challenge the pundit when he or she takes to their network airwaves.  Either way, it will lead to a fairer and more well-rounded debate—something we should all want to see!!  

No one should be even mildly shocked to hear Randy Thomasson delberately misgendering a human being in an on-air debate.  Thanks to CAP, no outlet has to be surprised the next time they book Thomasson or any number of voices.  We've been pre-interviewing these folks for years.