Queriendo más y más: "Más Negro Que La Noche" left us wanting more LGBT inclusion en español

GLAAD's film report, "The Studio Responsibility Index" released April 15 includes the Spanish-language horror film Mas Negro Que La Noche from Pantelion Films, a joint venture of Lionsgate Entertainment and Grupo Televisa. In it, a young woman, Greta, inherits a crumbling estate and moves there with a few friends, including best friend Pilar who appears to be in love with Greta and is later seen flirting with another woman (Eréndira Ibarra who also played a lesbian on the terrific Mexican novela Las Aparacio).

The haunted house shenanigans leave even our lesbian character dead, but as GLAAD Entertainment Director Matt Kane points out, for a horror film, that's not a big surprise. But the film definitely left us wanting much more from Spanish-language and Latino films widely released in the United States.

Some LGBT-themed films have been or will be released in this country, but in limited distribution and thus seen by smaller audiences. We think it's high time they got bigger audiences and that film producers in the U.S. (and internationally) remember to include LGBT Latino characters, who are still nearly invisible on the big screen. LGBT-inclusive stories often appeal to audiences, including in Venezuela where "Liz en Septiembre," directed by Fina Torres and starring out actress Patricia Velasquez, has done very well at the box office.