WATCH: “Queer Trailblazers” Bob the Drag Queen, Shangela, and Eureka O’Hara talk about “the most impactful season” of “We’re Here”

The HBO series We’re Here is back and more timely than ever. In a year where drag events have faced at least 124 protests and threats, the importance and power of having drag queens represented in the media living their best life and helping make communities better cannot be understated. Starting November 25th, drag superstars Eureka O’Hara, Bob the Drag Queen, and Shangela are recruiting diverse groups of local residents from throughout the country to share their stories, increase awareness, and promote acceptance through one-night-only drag shows in this Emmy and GLAAD Media Award winning reality series. 

GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos sat down with the queens to talk about the new season of We’re Here.

Eureka kicks off the discussion talking about how filming the show felt a little different this time around. “We were really lucky to have some really important conversations that need to be had in the spaces where a lot of these issues are very relevant right now.” She explains how being a part of the show has helped get her through this difficult time.

DJ "Shangela" Pierce spoke about his motivation for remaining strong despite all of the protests and hate. “You have to remind yourself of what your purpose is,” DJ says. “I think all about purpose in creating this show, We’re Here. Going to these small conservative towns and partnering with people, amplifying their voices and their stories, our purpose is to be there for them. They walk these roads every day.” 

What keeps Bob the Drag Queen going in these tough times? “I love what I do,” Bob says simply. 

Eureka explains how the increase in backlash towards the community is due to the increase in visibility. “We’re queer trailblazers,” she says. “People are feeling more and more empowered to be vocal in their discrimination and being more open and active in their anti-acceptance. Drag just happens to be at the forefront of that.” Bob chimes in stating, “People used to be ashamed of being a bigot… those days are long gone.” 

On the impact of the show, Bob says that when their drag children perform in their hometown, “Their own community members are cheering for them. The people you thought would want to tear you down, are actually standing up and saying you matter, you’re significant, your life has value.” 

We’re Here season 3 premieres on HBO and HBO Max on November 25th.